Gebouw Havenstaete II
Waalhaven Z.Z. 12J
3088 HH Rotterdam

Postbus 5163
3008 AD Rotterdam

Telefoon: +3110-283 23 55
Telefax : +3110-283 23 59

Codirex Expeditie B.V. is a customs broker, based in the Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We are specialized in the customs- and vet-formalities for food products. Also, we can take care of fresh or frozen storage, re-loading and/or transport throughout Europe.

We do not only arrange the imports of your products in The Netherlands, but also in Belgium, Germany and in the UK through our agents.

Codirex Expeditie B.V. is founded over 25 years ago. We work in a small team, which keeps the contact between us and our clients quick and personal.

If you need any information or quotations please fill in the contactform below, or give us a call.

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